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​My role as a filmmaker

I made dozens of short videos since high school.  My 4 years as a documentary film making student made me think a lot about what is a good story. I met a lot of people with moveable stories. It will be my pleasure to show some of them to you here.

  My role: Director, Photographer, etc
My team: In collaboration with Mingyong Cheng, Xinrui Qiu
Duration: 2015.9-Present

         Skill: Editing, screenwriting , audio

Flowers of Shao Xing Opera

Position: Director & Editor

30 minutes, Documentary film 2019. CUC, Beijing, China

Logline: Huang has been the head of a Shao Xing Opera troupe for more than 30 years. Her profound thoughts are exposed as she dares to unravel the meaning behind “Life is like a play”.


April of This World 

Position: Director & Editor

30 minutes, Documentary film 2019 CUC. Hunan, China

Logline: In a remote and small village in Hunan Province, a boy longs to be a student in a higher quality primary school with the girl he secretly loves, but poverty and lack of education stop him. 

Predestined Relationship

Position: Director & Cameraman

4 minutes, Documentary film 2017, CUC, Beijing, China

Logline: Delicious food comes from a harmonious, natural match between ingredients. People call such a meeting "fate". We record the most popular and down to earth greasy spoon’s story of how they gather people together.

A Glance of Karachi

Position: Director & Producer

3 minutes, Documentary 2016. AIESEC. Pakistan

Logline: Tells a story about a few young girls who study at the public school in Karachi, in order to show the importance of education.

Everyone’s Dec. 13th

Position: Writer 

12 minutes, Video, 2017, Xinhua News Agency, Nan Jing, China

Logline: Dec 13th is the Nanking Massacre Memorial Day. This tragic event occurred over 80 years ago so some young people start to wonder why we keep on talking about this. We record the answer from different people, including survivors, students, reporters, and so on.

PLA Today 2017, 90 Years Anniversary

Position: Scriptwriter & Producer 

9 minutes, Animated film 2017, Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, China

Logline: We use a rabbit to tell the story about how PLA built our country from nothing to become a world military power.

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