Phantom is an interactive leather-silhouette show device based on machine learning.

In this era of rapid disappearance of traditional arts and crafts, protection work is urgent. The best way of inheritance is not to simply preserve the old, but to use technical means to revitalize it.

Design is divided into three steps:


First step
Material collection

We selected the most representative shadow puppet images from a tremendous amount of show, disassembled and scanned the real puppet, redrawn the digital version, and built a stereo model.



Step 2
Scene building

Reproduce the real performance environment, including lighting, material, virtual and real transformation, repeated experiments to achieve the most realistic lighting and shadow effect



Step 3
Motion capture

By capturing the action and costume information of the viewer, the device reveals the five typical types of roles. The viewer can interact with the scene in the painting.

  My role: Programmer Researcher
My team: In collaboration with Han Liu
Duration: 2019.6-2019.12

        Skill: Interaction Design    ML5.js

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