Multiverse Searching Engine


This search engine was designed by another parallel university civilization who want to end any other intelligence universe.


Here is the link of the searching engine.


The Dark Forest Theory is an attempt to answer the question of the Fermi Paradox, a problem in science named after physicist Enrico Fermi. It is, in short, an exploration of why we’ve so far seen no signs of alien life when we should statistically be able to see at least 10,000 of them in the universe with 20 of those alien civilizations existing somewhere nearby (on a cosmic scale). These numbers come from the Drake equation, conceived by astronomer Frank Drake in 1961. The equation is an estimate of how many civilizations should exist in our galaxy by examining the many factors that might play a role in their development.

In The Dark Forest, the assumptions of life are this: living organisms want to stay alive — they have a survival drive — and there is no way to know the true intentions of other lifeforms. Because there can be no certainties of a peaceful encounter, the safest course of action is to eradicate the other species before they have a chance to attack you instead. This also explains why an alien society might want to stay quiet, reducing the risk of discovering that humanity, for example, might be hostile after all. The novel, Three Bodies Problem, also brings up the point of limited resources. A civilization that wishes to continue expanding across the universe will need to compete for the limited resources with any other intelligent life. With this assumption, one need not even consider that the species is hostile. We endanger animal populations on our planet all the time, not out of hatred but out of need for resources.

Daughter Universes or Many Worlds Theory, proposed by Hugh Everett, is an idea that is based on the theory of quantum mechanics. Everett proposed that the universe creates a copy of itself for every possible outcome of a situation to occur. When the choice presented itself for you to see my blog, another universe was created in which you didn't see this blog.

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Important universe

Universe 5876:       Shihuangdi did not unify China in the Qin dynasty.

Universe 8763:       Adam did not eat the apple

Universe 6932:       The small planet miss the earth 66 million years ago, the dinosaurs serviced. 

Universe 7634:       Homo neanderthalensis first traveled south.

Universe 0002:       The earth formed too close to the sun.

Technical Detail
Trouble Shooting

1. This is the timeline I wish to build. I have trouble in building this using three.js. link

2. The WebSocket I build to gather others comment is not working well with the current timeline. 

The end

Open Source Cinema 

Week 1

In this shot, I show the way people see things in this world. I make a delay between each lines of pixels which are drawn in one at a time in sequential order. And made this interesting effect. 

Progressive scan is a method used in today's CRTs, computer monitors and high-end television displays. Progressive scanning results in a more detailed image on the screen and is also less susceptible to the flicker commonly associated with interlaced scanning.

Small Picture

This is not good. This delay could be annoying. In order to make life easier, I found a way to predict the full picture base on part of the object.

This project

It gathered data from doodle draws and pair them with the class name. In this way, it can finish the picture for you base on your first stroke. 

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