Mind Menu

  My role: Product designer Researcher
My team: In collaborattion with Hanyu 
Duration: 2017.9-2018.1

        Skill: Interaction Design
                  User research


Mind-menu is an interactive menu provides customers with better ordering recommendations through emotional recognition, while providing DIY menu services to create a more personalized dining experience.

I found myself being bothered by making decision every day, especially when I need to choose what to eat. I share this finding to my friends and find out many of them have the same feeling. I think maybe I can find a way at least solve the problem 




The taste and price are beyond our control. Nutrients and weather information will be easy to get. We can concludes that mood shoud be reference resource which need a method to achieve from the customers.

The scientific research show that the mind emotion and food are closely related.

We can figure out the food a person like by analysis his or her personality and the emotion status right now.
Conversely, we can use the food to affect the mood in order to persue a good experience for customers. 


  • In Beijing, more than 10 thousands restaurant have been using self-order system and the amount is growing at high speed.

Using the cafe we investigate as an example. We record the behaviour of every customer enter the cafe during the busy hours.




First Concept

Based on the research, we conceive the Mind-Menu we design to be a comprehensive system to give customer better experience when having food or beverage.



Based on the literature review, expert interview and user research, we defined the related technology that need in our design. We took the present technical status as a reference, anticipating the development of these technologies that can be realized in foreseeable future.

We take Olivia Wang and HEYTEA as an example to show the specific service blueprint of our product.



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