Interacting with Abydos

Educational purpose interactive installation.

Concept video

System Diagram


The test proved that the distance sensor can work properly in my design.

Component list

Eagle Schematic Design 

homemade hardware

Start learning Physical Computing from building my handmade PCB is great!

Final Project Proposal

week 2 assignment:

my ATtiny85 project

Build  a smaller board to replace the big Arduino UNO

Upside look

Including a perfboard, wire, a 10uF capacitor, an 8-pin socket, and some header pins

Upside down look

There is still long way for me to go to make everything not to look like a mess. 

But after all, it works. I also tried using potentiometer also works .

Question: Are all the pin on the ATTiny analog pin?

I want to build a Marquee using this.

First I made one with my Arduino, it looks quite well!

I try to make it on my ATTiny85.

I do not have enough pins!

There are actually a few solutions for me.

The best one is to get a bigger IC.

There are actually a few solutions for me.

The best one is to get a bigger IC.

To be continued.

week 3 assignment:

Eagle Board Design


​​All the following on my Github link.

  1. Eagle SCH file

  2. Eagle BRD file

  3. PDF of Eagle BRD layout

 Our class is going to make a Marquee Sign PCB together. We start by nominated a few phrases.

After a few rounds of votes, I dislike pigeon won. I am not sure what does it mean. But in Chinese. If we call someone a pigeon, he is definitely awful. 

We have a deal.
*None of us will show up.
I will just restart my computer.
*I will be unvailable forever.
Of course I will attend
*You will never see me.
*Forget it already.

I have been assigned to make the character E in the sentence. We use Eagle to design the circuit.

schemetic file
Board file v1

There are a few quetions with this design.

1. Lines are too thin. The width of the wire will decide how much currency will be able to go through.

2. The battery connecter are facing inward. It will be hard to connected to the others.

3. The board background did not turn grey. Which meant I did not make a close contour.

After getting the feedback from my instructor. I made a new one. By adding up the GND ground, I could use less on my bits to make the Bantam Milling process much more quicker.


Here comes to the stet that I can finally start my fabrication. We are going to use Batam to contol our Othermill Machine.

OTHERMILL PRO( picture from adafruit)
The sound is really making me toothache.
The bits are really sharp

After we got our circuit board, I need to paste all my component in the right position. It is called SMD Soldering.

Our final output. I dislike pigeon!

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