App redesign to provide digitalized and playful journey guide to the users.  

My role: App designer, researcher

My team: In collaboration with Alina Constantin, Samina Trachier

Time: 2020.1-2018.5

Skill: User Study, Visual Design, Interaction Design


Food Journey is a themed extension of the Museum Experience embedded in the Explorer App. We are using this extension to guide users through food moments in the museum. To show them the world rich food traditions in an interactive way. 

We worked side by side with the designers from the museum to do the pitch and provide the problem-solving solutions to the users.


1. First, we already have the Explorer app to guide people to their destinations. The public feels really intuitive to use it when visiting the huge museum.


2. While on the other hand, people still face some difficulties to decide which hall should have the highest priority.  We noticed that many of the viewers just want to know a little about everything. One way that has always been taken by an experienced guide is a themed journey. When doing this people can go through different halls. And bcs the trip is topic-oriented, it will be easier to learn and remember things. By digitizing and standardize this journey we can give this experience to millions of visitors.


3. Finally, we choose food as our example bcs it is the Universal appeal shared by everyone.


User Journey

Main Modification

Design Process

Future Plans

  • Confirm & develop content in conjunction with the Anthropology department

  • Off-site addition to the museum’s online presence?

  • User Testing, iterate, polish...

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