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Brave New World is an experiment news website I made. The whole project base on a piece of fake news and I create a new world by list following news that reflects real society.


I was shocked by the news about the Alabama abortion ban after 6 weeks. Most people forbidden abortion are some petty-minded men. They can not understand how much a female need to sacrifice for a child. But they still have the right to vote for the abortion law. These kinds of unfairness really do harm to a lot of families and individuals. To test my idea I did a small research to find out if there some male would like to give birth to their own child. All of them said no. 

I intended to create something that makes people feel discomfort. I got my idea from the book: Brave New World is a dystopian novel by English author Aldous Huxley, written in 1931 and published in 1932. He is believed to be the first one to create the alpha beta omega setting.

In my world, some men can get pregnant.

​The storyline


Where are our opportunities?

A serious nuclear test accident resulted in the mutation of the male Y chromosome gene. It gave males the ability to grow a uterus and produce offspring with the same sex. This project explores the news that would be showed on the google news page when the event happened.

The project including 4 parts:

1. That Day

The breaking news- could be a video/at least with pictures may include a chart to show the damage


2. Four months later

First clinical identification of Beta

On May 1, the hospital director reported to the local public health office the discovery of an "epidemic of an unknown disease of the gene disorders and chromosome abnormalities", marking the official discovery of Beta. All of the following patients used to live around the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant. Their rectum ends differentiate into the genital atrium, which has a similar function to the female uterus.


3. A year later

A chart shows gender ratio right now

This indicated that male born child had finally come to life. A Taiwanese same-sex male couple gave birth to a healthy boy by natural conception and natural childbirth. It's worth mentioning that this boy is also a beta.


4. Four years later

Gender 'Beta': China adds the third gender option to birth certificates

The defendant was sentenced for arbitrarily deciding to perform an organ removal operation for his minor son.

This case is a landmark civil rights case in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples by both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Cynical feminist

Things went too far.

For the system of rights and obligations in human values, they ask for the rights and do not undertake any obligation. Such pseudo egalitarianism is called a Cynical feminist, which is also called a feminist buffet. Generally speaking, Cynical feminists characterized by being limited to rural areas and only making verbal criticism rather than making practical achievements.

2. What basic reality does your concept mask or pervert?

The reality that inequality can never be completely erased if the difference between different gender still exists.


3. How does your project mask the absence of a basic reality?

By showing some unbelievable but reasonable stories.  Show data and details.


4. Does your project bear relation to any reality whatsoever?

I try to use this point to metaphor the point that we have the transsexual operations right now. This operation gives the chance for everyone to become whomever they want but there are still a lot of problems unsolved. Most of the time we cannot choose freely.


5. Tools and technology that might be used to realize the concept

​Video editing, Neutral network




1.  Why would you be interested/excited/compelled to pursue this project?

Both men and women, we must admit that most of us are ordinary or even mediocre. We are not irreplaceable. The roles we play in the social environment can be replaced by the same sex or the opposite sex.

What can be taken out is nothing more than to have children and to fight physical strength.

If men can have children. So for some women who live on the value of the womb alone, it is a disaster, they lose the only value they have; for women who have other social values, it is liberation, they can freely choose whether to have their own children, and they have a new choice to marry. Similarly, for men with the ability to choose a mate, it's liberation, because they have a wider range of choices; for men without the ability to choose, it's disaster, because as vulnerable parties, they will bear all that is now only borne by women (of course, they can choose not to have children, but that means they have a lower advantage in choosing a mate).


Everyone has avoided the absence of maternity leave in the workplace. It's OK to distribute children independently.

Let those who think it's easy to have children choose their preferred lifestyle, and let those who always say "how successful I will be if I don't have children" the reality will give them a lesson. Then see if they are better off than they are now.

2.  How will you “release” the project?

Share it through my website.


3.  What do you think will happen when it’s released? How will you observe reactions and results?

I am intended to make a least some of the audience to feel uncomfortable about each story.


4. Possible ethical risks and mitigations?



5. Possible legal risks and mitigations?


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