Voices from the whirlwind is an interactive storytelling game. I took a course called the psychology of choice. I used what we learned in class to designed a game that gives player choices to immerse in a revenge story of our heroine.

My role:  Writer, Game designer

My team: in collaboration with Huang Yan


Skill: User Study, Interaction Design


Story map

paper mode

low-fi version for AB test

Preliminary Questionnaire

How to provide meaningful choices for players?

Choice Design

1. Let the player make decisions following their heart. 

We build our story to a point that the user eagerly wants to do something and then we provide the choices.

the original choice I design

After improvement

2. Allow for flavor choices.

We allow the player to add some touch to his/her character’s personality. 

When my character got a chance to kill someone who framed her into prison 

3. Leave all important decisions to the player.

First, in order to make the story go on the way I want, I make most of the important decisions. When the player picks an option, thinking this will make the character do A. And then he ends up doing B just because I hope so.

If I choose to go back.

After improvement

4. Still take things under control

Giving choices does not mean we will let the story be ridiculous. We use a few methods to guide our users.

  • “Loss”

When people are more likely to win, they tend to be stable and unwilling to take risks. However, when they are more likely to “lose”, they are more willing to try to take risks.

So at the beginning of the story, we laid a bit of a tragic state of life for Camilla.

When she met a person who may take her out of this, most players may more willing to select “go with him” without hesitation.

  • “ Identity & Reciprocity”

In use “reciprocity, consistency, or likeness” to guide the player's actions part, we designed a hidden line.

When Camilla went to steal documents, Roche caught her in the act and help here to get rid of the guard. Camilla can choose to believe in him. This action does not immediately cause any result but will be reflected after Camilla arrested in prison in the future.


There is still much more left for us to improve our story. We can add more choices to make the experience of interaction to be better. After all, my first time using a foreign language to build a story is challenge and exciting. I cannot wait for the next time.​

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